Gavin Brown:Educational Data: Challenging Analysis(时间:12.08)

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报告题目:Educational Data: Challenging Analysis

报 告 人:Gavin Brown 新西兰奥克兰大学教授


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Professor Brown is Associate Dean Postgraduate Research and the Director of the Quantitative Data Analysis and Research Unit in the Faculty of Education and Social Work. He also has joint appointments at:·Affiliate Professor, in Applied Educational Sciences, at Umea University, Sweden·Honorary Professor, in Curriculum & Instruction, at the Education University of Hong Kong. Dr Brown has been in academic positions since 2005 at the University of Auckland and the Hong Kong Institute of Education (2009-2011). Prior to that he was a standardised test developer for NZCER (1997-2000) and Auckland UniServices; he was the Senior Project Manager for the Assessment Tools for Teaching and Learning (asTTle) project (2000-2005). After completing teacher training in Montreal Canada (1979-1981), Gavin worked in NZ for 13 years (1983-1996) as a tutor of ESOL and as a high school teacher of English and ESOL.