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The National Art Fund “Training for Musical Talents of Henan Opera” was held in my corrective class

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On the morning of May 5th, the concert hall of the Art School of our school was full. Funded by the National Art Fund, the opening ceremony of the 2017 National Talent Fund Training Project “The Henan Opera Music Creative Talent Training” organized by the Art College of Henan University was held here. Thirty outstanding students selected from among the various applicants across the country will receive training for nearly two months at the seminar.

This workshop has received support and response from many provinces and cities across the country and has also been highly valued by leading teachers. Li Jinchuan, deputy inspector of the Education Department of Henan Province, Li Shujian, Dean of the Henan Yu Theater, Zuo Qiwei, Professor of the Chinese Traditional Opera Academy, Li Zhongdang, Vice Chairman of the Henan Musicians Association, Jie Dong, Deputy Director of the Department of Art of the Provincial Department of Culture, Department of Education of the Province Li Zongying, deputy director of the Department of Health Arts, Shen Jiexia, chairman of the labor union of the school, Wang Ling, director of the Centre for the Inheritance and Protection of Henan Opera and Culture of the Ministry of Education, Zhao Zhenqian, executive director of the Center for the Inheritance and Protection of Cultural and Artistic Arts of the Ministry of Education, and Zhang Guoqiang, party secretary of the School of the Arts, attended the opening ceremony. Ming Ching-ling, Director of the National Art Fund Henan Office, and Project Supervision Expert who is a National Art Fund, Chen Yan, Executive Deputy Dean of the School of Music of Zhengzhou University, Yang Yang, Research Fellow of Henan Academy of Arts and Culture, and Zheng Zhiqiang, Director of Music Department of Henan Art Vocational College, Kaifeng Yang Xiaoqing, Dean of Yu Theater, the leadership of the Art Institute, teachers and students, and representatives of various media attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Xi Weiquan, Dean of the School of the Arts.

Shen Jiexia firstly presented experts and students on behalf of Henan University and briefly introduced the origins of Henan University and the universities of Henan University and Henan Opera. He also expressed support for the project from the school level. She hoped that the Art Academy would build a platform to integrate strengths, and through the establishment of the Henan Opera Music Creative Talent Cultivation Project, he would further promote the extensive and profound Yu Opera culture and inject new vitality into the two-class construction of our school.

The deputy chairman of the China Dramatists Association and the director of the Henan Yu Theater, Li Shujian fully affirmed the necessity of hosting the project on behalf of experts from Henan Yu Opera. He emphasized that the music creation of the Yu Opera must also be as “remembering the original, absorbing and facing the future” as pointed out by General Secretary Xi Jinping. "We must adhere to a people-centered creative orientation, truly engage in life, understand characters, and create sound works of Yu Opera.

The person in charge of the project and Professor Han Mei, the deputy dean of the Art School of Henan University, introduced the origin of the project application and the situation of enrollment, and expressed that the river adults living in the hometown of Henan Opera must study the Henan Opera, inherit and develop the Henan Opera, and prosperous Henan Opera. Responsibility consciousness and strong desire, and expressed that they have been fully prepared to cultivate high-level Yu opera music creative talents as the goal, and bring more strength to the development of Yu opera music creation.

The trainee representative and Henan Wu Opera Second Mission Zhou Wuzhan expressed his excitement and privilege. He also said that he would cherish the opportunity and study hard. His enthusiasm for training also infected some people in the venue.

In the end, Li Jinchuan, deputy inspector of the Provincial Education Department, made an important speech. He briefed the guests both inside and outside the province on Henan's long history and splendid culture. He fully affirmed Henan University’s achievements in art education and asked the participants to Cherish learning opportunities, keeping in mind that “new times must have a new atmosphere, but we must also have new works” to create more good Yu Opera works.

After the opening ceremony, all leaders, experts, and practitioners gathered for pictures in front of the hall. Subsequently, a special seminar was held on the project. Prof. Han Mei, the project leader, introduced the detailed arrangements for project preparation and implementation process to all experts and trainees in a clear and intuitive manner through the concise and beautiful PPT.

Yang Yang, Chen Yan and Zheng Zhiqiang, supervision experts of the National Art Fund Henan Office highly appraised the project and believed that the project team had a clear understanding of the training quality, training results, significance, and characteristics of the project, and could focus on the opera. All over the country, the contents are closely linked to Yu Opera's music creation, both theoretically and practically. The experts all agreed that the project, which is sponsored by the powerful Art College of Henan University, is “City, Geographical, and Human,” and hopes to use this project as an opportunity to conduct in-depth research and theoretically construct a music production system for Henan Opera. Finally, the experts put forward valuable suggestions on the implementation, management and closing of the project. The trainees all expressed that they must cherish opportunities, study conscientiously, exchange extensively, and strive for a worthwhile trip.

The “Yu Opera Music Creative Talent Training” project aims to rely on Henan University’s high-quality teaching resources as well as domestic and provincial experts in the creation of opera music to conscientiously summarize the laws of the development of the musical music in Henan Opera and to cultivate professional talents for the creation of the opera in Henan Opera, injecting new opportunities for the development of the opera. The blood has made important contributions to the promotion of the overall level of local opera art in China, and it is looking forward to establishing a relatively extensive platform for the exchange of Yu Opera's music creation to fully enhance the level of Yu Opera's music creation and promote the further prosperity of Yu Opera's music creation.