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The First Zhongyuan Criminal Justice Forum Held in Our University

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In order to thoroughly understand the spirit of the special struggle of “blackout and evil” proposed by the CPC Central Committee, on April 21st, it was organized by the Law School, Henan Liaoyuan Law Firm, Henan Wenfeng Law Firm, and organized by the Institute for Criminal Control and Criminal Policy Research. The first Zhongyuan Criminal Justice Forum was held in our school. More than 100 experts and scholars from Russia, China's universities and practice departments attended the forum. The opening ceremony was chaired by Cai Jun, dean of the Law School.

Liu Xiansu, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of the University, warmly welcomed the delegates at the meeting and briefly introduced the development history and achievements of the school. He also affirmed the significance of the forum.

During the one-day seminar, experts revolved around the theme of “stuck against evil” in the new era and the governance experience, generation mechanism, policy interpretation, judicial identification, and criminal defense of organized crime (criminal organization crime). Such intricate and difficult questions were exchanged in depth, presented their own opinions and viewpoints from the perspective of theory and practice, and actively discussed and provided advice and suggestions for major national strategies.

The forum responded positively to the call of the Party Central Committee and effectively promoted the theoretical research and practical exploration of organized crime (crime of a criminal syndicate), laying a foundation for better serving the in-depth development of the country’s anti-crime special campaign and advancing national rule of law. Solid foundation.


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