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The third session of the Forum on Translation Technology and the Collaborative Innovation Seminar of Henan University's Translation Technology Alliance were held

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On April 14th and 15th, 2018, the third session of the Forum on Translation Technology Hierarchy and the Collaborative Innovation Seminar of Henan University Translation Technology Alliance was held at Jinming Campus of Zhongyang International Jinming Hotel.

The conference was guided by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the Language Services Industry of the China Translators Association and sponsored by the Henan University. The College of Foreign Languages of the University, the Editorial Department of Foreign Studies, and the Translation Technology Alliance of Henan Province were organized. Henan Hua Translation Education Consulting Co., Ltd. and Zhengzhou Jinshang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Yantai Translation Bo Yuntian Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai You Translation Information Technology Co., Ltd. co-organized.

On the morning of the 14th, the opening ceremony was hosted by An Jialiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Foreign Language School of Henan University. Liu Xiansu, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of the school, briefed everyone on the history and achievements of Henan University and explained the changes in the translation industry and the transformation of translation methods and techniques. Zhang Xuetao, director of the Language Service Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of China Translators Association, opened the event and talked about the development of the language service industry. Yang Chaojun, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages, introduced the history, development achievements, and contribution to the talent training in the translation industry. Li Yuanyuan, a representative of the University of Henan Province's Translation Technology Alliance, delivered a speech entitled "Structure Adjustment, Feature Construction, Standard Setting, Strong Teacher Qualification, and Platform Support".

On the 15th, three sub-forums were held on the theme of Translation Technology Practice, Corpus Translation Studies, and the 5th Anniversary of the Establishment of Foreign Language Research.

In two days, the experts reconstructed the translation process of the semantic field of Chinese philosophical terminology, man-machine interactive machine translation, the universality of Master's “formal name” and its applicability to Heidegger’s translation of Dαsein philosophy. Preliminary reports, innovative approaches to the cultivation of subject corpora and translators, scientific and technical translation teaching reforms driven by big data learning analysis, post-translation editing of CAT software, and translation training under HAMT have made wonderful reports. .

Experts and scholars focused on literary style in the management of book translation projects supported by CAT, the construction and application of featured corpora, the application status and development trend of interpreting technologies in the era of big data, and how multilingual methods for translation teaching responded to artificial intelligence and corpus. The application of Chinese patents, cross-border talent training for patent translation, and bilingual chunk-matching research for machine translation have provided a cultural and technological feast for translation technology innovation and development at the forefront of the era.

The conference aims to provide academic exchanges, guidance and display platforms for translation teaching and research, and to promote translation teaching and research achievements. The conference has laid a solid foundation for strengthening the construction of translation disciplines, improving the quality of translation talents, and better serving the national strategy and the development of local economic construction in Henan.


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